Robert Rodriguez Calls Harvey Weinstein ‘Truly Disgusting’ and Rose McGowan Has Something to Say About That

Sign up for our TV email newsletter here. In an October 2016 Twitter thread following the Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” tape, McGowan discussed the 1997 attack — including the humiliation of learning that her ex sold a film they made to the perpetrator. “I just don’t like being treated as less-than,” she told Buzzfeed in 2015. “I don’t like being treated as basically a couch that talks — and as important. McGowan has not named Weinstein, but she is believed to be under an NDA after striking a settlement. McGowan also has no love lost for making Grindhouse with Rodriguez. I don’t like being humiliated, or somebody trying to make you humiliated.”

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10, “Now am I allowed to say rapist.”

Now am I allowed to say rapist
— rose mcgowan (@rosemcgowan) October 10, 2017 However, TWC also released Rodriguez’s “Grindhouse” in 2007. Add pioneering indie filmmaker Robert Rodriguez to the list of former Harvey Weinstein associates now condemning the fallen media mogul. Rodriguez released a statement to Deadline:

“I find the behavior of Harvey Weinstein truly disgusting, both what he did and how he covered his tracks, and it makes me wonder how many others can’t come forward and tell their full story because of legal and personal intimidation. Thankfully, he’s now discovering what true power is.”

Rodriguez has a long history with Weinstein, starting with 1995’s “Four Rooms,” which was distributed by Miramax, and then franchises such as “From Dusk Till Dawn,” “The Faculty,” “Spy Kids,” and “Sin City,” which came out through the Weinsteins’ Dimension Films label. His repulsive behavior was an abuse of power. That film starred his then-girlfriend, Rose McGowan, who is among the scores of women who have allegedly been assaulted by Weinstein — or, as she dryly tweeted Oct.