‘Lore’: Watch the Disturbing True Story of a Man Who Sacrificed Himself for Spiritualistic Science — Exclusive

Check out the unnerving video below:

 “Lore” premieres this Friday, October 13, exclusively on Amazon Prime. But Manke is confident in the stories’ timelessness, as each episode feels as though you’re four feet tall, roasting s’mores, and sitting around a campfire trying your best not to look into the woods behind you. Read More:‘Lore’ Trailer: Amazon’s Horror Anthology Looks as Bone-Chilling as the Podcast That Inspired It

“Lore” is produced by Gale Anne Hurd of “The Walking Dead,” Ben Silverman of “The Office,” and Glen Morgan of “The X-Files.” Amazon hopes that the transition from podcast to the small screen will be successful, as it’s the first of the trend to be released. Sign UpStay on top of the latest film and TV news! ABC and Zach Braff are developing an adaptation of “Alex Inc.,” a portrayal of the podcast StartUp, while “Mr. Robot” creator Sam Esmail works on transforming the drama podcast “Homecoming” into a series for Amazon. Sign up for our email newsletters here.

In a recently released video teaser, Aaron Mahnke narrates the story of a man named Thomas Bradford, an engineer and psychic who was so devoted to his studies around the afterlife that he killed himself. In each episode, Mahnke’s calm demeanor introduces a common truth before settling into the details of a true, macabre account. In the video below, it’s easy to see how “Lore” transitioned from podcast to TV show. The six-episode series, based on Aaron Mahnke’s brilliantly chilling podcast of the same name, will bring the most unsettling folklore to life. The most unnerving part about it all? From haunted dolls to possessed daughters, “Lore” tells the terrifying tales of the past and present. True crime and supernatural enthusiasts alike can get on board with Amazon’s latest series, “Lore,” premiering this Friday, October 13. However, he did so with a specific purpose that could only be achieved once he had died. Every story is true.