Harvey Weinstein’s Legacy, Revisited: We Debate the Miramax Days — IndieWire’s Movie Podcast (Screen Talk Episode 169)

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The Harvey Weinstein scandal has catapulted beyond the insular world of independent film and become one of the top news stories in the world. Plus: Highlights from several recent film festivals, an analysis of the “Blade Runner 2049” box office problems, and more. This has led many in the industry to ponder its legacy. But is that legacy really deserve its reputation? That’s the starting point for this week’s episode of Screen Talk, in which Eric Kohn and Anne Thompson look back on the Miramax story and how it sits today. See More:Harvey Weinstein Accusations: How Film Festival Environments Provided a Backdrop For Sexual Assault

Meanwhile, the company’s own future is in doubt. The decades of sexual harassment allegations have led the board of The Weinstein Company to fire its co-founder as the charges pile up. In the ’90s, the Weinstein brothers had a major impact on the visibility of independent film through their earlier company, Miramax.