Academy Censures Harvey Weinstein, Calls Board Meeting to Discuss Actions

The Academy finds the conduct described in the allegations against Harvey Weinstein to be repugnant, abhorrent, and antithetical to the high standards of the Academy and the creative community it represents. The Board of Governors will be holding a special meeting on Saturday, October 14, to discuss the allegations against Weinstein and any actions warranted by the Academy.”
– Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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AMPAS has often been soft on its members’ peccadillos, famously awarding a 2003 directing Oscar to Roman Polanski for “The Pianist,” years after he had gone into exile in Europe in order to escape serving more jail time after pleading guilty in a 1977 statutory rape case. He’s still trying to figure out a way to come back. The Hollywood community has forced several big stars into exile after scandals rocked the careers of Charlie Chaplin and Ingrid Bergman; both were eventually forgiven and welcomed back. The Academy barred “The Hurt Locker’ producer Nicolas Chartier from attending the Oscars, but did not prevent him from winning one; the organization did expel for breaking the rules “Godfather: Part II” actor Carmine Caridi, who loaned some Oscar screeners to a pirate. Many of the Academy’s largely male voters have looked at Polanski and Woody Allen as great talents, without judging their morality. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has taken the unusual step of releasing a statement on a member’s behavior. In addition to censuring Harvey Weinstein for what now seem like countless sexual assault allegations, the Academy opens the door to taking further actions.