Pacific Rim Fans! We Could Be Getting an ENTIRE EXTENDED UNIVERSE! -Rose Geiszler

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Hola Dannie aqui! Rose here, and oh my god it’s been a really good month to be a Pacific Rim fan (which you all know I am). He doesn’t just mean we’ll get more movies either (although it is a definite possibility).  
Obviously, I would love for there to be a greater extended universe for Pacific Rim (because of course I would), but the continuation of this franchise totally depends on the success of Pacific Rim: Uprising. With some news from Rose Geiszler for “Pacific Rim” fans! -Rose Geizler excited with the Details! Let’s hope that this film is as completely awesome as I’m hoping (and anticipating) that it will be. Pacific Rim Fans! We Could Be Getting an ENTIRE EXTENDED UNIVERSE! Director Steven S. Between the release of the Synopsis, the trailer, the confirmation of the return of fan-favorite Mako Mori, and all the other juicy details we’ve gotten about Pacific Rim: Uprising are just the start of it. Extremely interested in where this news will take us, and AICN is going to be rooting for the upcoming film! If Uprising does well, then there is a chance that we will get more Pacific Rim comics, a Pacific Rim cartoon (which has been in talks for several years now but is not yet officially in the works), and maybe even other forms of media, such as novels. DeKnight has confirmed that if all goes well and according to plan, this film will not be last that we see of the Pacific Rim universe! Click here!  
Hey everyone! Honestly, even if we don’t get to see the universe extend beyond this

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