Marvel’s NEW MUTANTS trailer, Mad Dashiell reports

We are taken into the lives of 5 young gifted mutants being studied as they develop their abilities. Like New Mutants meets Shock Corridor
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Hello all, Mad Dashiell HERE! So, Seasons greetings and please do your part by reporting any local mutant sightings through the proper authorities, Mad Dashiell signing off, over and out.Enjoy the Trailer here-

Finish the article on AICN These are the forgotten, unknown children of the expanding Marvelverse. These NEW MUTANTS will follow 5 children being pushed beyond their limits , shattering their will and reason as they are ripped through bending walls of madness. This is a new side of the X-Men Marvel we haven’t seen yet and Marvel could not have brought us NEW MUTANTS at a better time. Without knowing too much, I’m sure they will have to work together or die as their minds are torn through what looks like a haunted asylum from hell! HeheeHoHooHaHaaaH! We are swept into darker corridors in this new Marvel series here. Happy to say that Director Josh Boone will be bringing us NEW MUTANTS!!