Annette Kellerman Eats Up MY FRIEND DAHMER!

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I admit it. Many of them were likely average kids going through the motions of early childhood development like the rest of us. To imagine a person capable of such horrors is simply the epitome of “watching a train wreck”, and I find it too irresistible to look away. Were they born sadistic or did trauma in their childhood lead them to a life of terror? I have a morbid fascination with serial killers and their grisly misdeeds. Though not always the case, one thought that I always go back to is that most of these monsters were adorable babies doted on by loving parents at one point in their lives. Annette Kellerman Eats Up MY FRIEND DAHMER! At what point do these sometimes outwardly benign people crack? The new film MY FRIEND DAHMER explores these questions with a snapshot of the infamous serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer during his awkward yet fairly innocuous high school years, and reminds us that even the most sick criminal in the making could be hiding right beside us in plain sight. Sure, some of them endured terrible childhoods that certainly informed a future penchant for violence, yet many others moved through the world just like any of us. From Ed Gein to John Wayne Gacy, I’ve found myself pouring over the macabre details of their heinous crimes wondering what in the world led them to such a drastic conclusion.  

Based on the graphic novel of the same name and written by

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